Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Bear Creek: An All New Experience

Date line Tuesday Evening: Anticipation building, tomorrow is the my day off. Kids are in school, wife got a new job, nothing to do but fish. Polished up the three weights, cleaned up my cork like brand spanking new, heading to a new section of river, can't wait. Dry fly season is warming up, so I'm armed with parachute adams, Idyl's Half Dun Hatching, Befus' Para Emerger PMD, and a few of my own secret ingredients.

Wednesday's finally here! To start the day I discovered my rod rack had broken on my last back country excursion so I had to take a few hours this morning to fix it. Next, the new section of river I planned to explore turned out to be private property all the way to its headwaters. Consequently I had to backtrack out several miles to find some public water to fish. It was still early afternoon so I stood a good chance at picking up an afternoon hatch, no worries. When I arrived at a sweet little spot to fish it started to rain, then it rained some more, and just to put a cap on the day it rained some more. Then, I drove home.

It's been my experience that the fish gods usually even the scales. I'm looking forward to my next post.


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