Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Zen and the Need for Stickers

I've been making my way around the blog pages today and it has become abundantly clear that everyone on the planet had an incredible weekend, everyone that is except me. I had to work.

With a little extra time on my hands and no rod available, my mind got to spinning on a topic that has puzzled me for a long time. As sportsmen, why do we adorn our vehicles, Camel Backs, Nalgene bottles, computers, coffee mugs, and virtually every other recreational possession we own with stickers? Have we been mindlessly captured by the marketing man? Perhaps it's a statement of who we are, screaming out to the world, "hey, I fish and I'm good at it!" On the other hand, maybe it's as simple as a tattoo for our stuff.

Pondering these thoughts, here's my take on the subject. As we hurdle down the highways along side the rest of our neighbors, as nameless drones in our auto anonymous rides, some feel the need to stand out, to be different, to show they are part of a pack. Some of these packs include: the "piss on Dodge/Chevy/Ford" clan; the "vote for whoever because he/she will end human suffering" clan; the "Rusty Wallace is still my God" clan, and of course the "Simms, Patagonia, Winston, Sage, Ross" rules the world clan (my personal favorite). I figure it's humanities desperate attempt to express themselves and be counted before they hurdle into the great bridge abutment in the sky.

On the other hand, perhaps there's a philosophical component, a softer side of the equation. It's possible that we need to feel connected to something larger than just the pile of carbon, water and dust we actually are. Another perspective might be that it's an effort to prevent what used to be a way of life in America from disappearing forever. This would be the "TU, DU, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation" clan (another group of my personal favorites).

In the end, as in fly fishing, I guess I like to think of it in more simple terms. For me, they are reminders of where I've gone, things I've done, and memories I've shared with good friends over a good bottle of scotch. They also serve as an open road invitation to meet and visit with others of similar interests, those with a passion for the simple things in life.

What do you think?


Matt Ortiz said...

Good food for thought.

parkerjamesii said...

I have always tried to resist the urge to sticker up.
I haven't always met with success, but the effort is sincere.
Not wanting people to know too much about me, I suppose--I'm an anti-social introvert.
Now duct tape--that is another issue altogether and carries an ideological tone.

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