Monday, October 4, 2010

Dog Boots

While reading this awesome post on Mouthful of Feathers recently, I saw this picture that got me thinking.  Are there any dog boots out there that really truly work, or is there some magic secret bird hunting Zen for getting the damn things to stay attached?  I think I've tried every manner of boot on the market and have yet to come up with a solution to keep the things from flying off into the wilderness as my dogs go racing through the fields. I'd love some comments from any of you that have found a solid solution, particular brand, of if they simply have to be super glued to their feet.

I've had more than one trainer tell me not to boot my dogs at all, and frankly I've tried simply to avoid habitat where booting is necessary.  Still, on my recent Prairie Chicken hunt, I felt the need to boot my dog just to make him more comfortable, not to mention make me feel better about the situation..  He ran into more than a few prickly pears and well ....darnit, I sure wouldn't want to step on those things without shoes on.

I've also had some real concerns about taping a dogs foot to keep boots on and how to properly do it.  The one time I did, I was careful not to wrap the foot too tight, but apparently not careful enough.  The foot swelled to a point that it looked pretty uncomfortable, even though the dog didn't display any noticeable discomfort.

If any of you have any pearls of wisdom you'd be willing to share, please let me know what experience you've had and what you find works best.


Shawn K. Wayment, DVM said...


I'll teach you how the boys in AZ taught me! They don't come off!

Silk Line River Horse said...

@Shawn Can't wait! Thx

Andrew Campbell said...

Gary: I pretty much only use boots on my dogs if they have a cut pad -- and the only ones I've found to be successful are the Lewis rubber boots. I know what you mean about taping, though; I've taped them on, run the dog off a horse for 45mins, and then realised that when we finished, neither boot was there. I know some folks don't use boots, but just duct tape -- but if it was wet enough to compromise regular athletic tape (so they got sucked off in mud), I'll switch to duct tape.


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