Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ferreting: There's a whole other world out there

In an effort to broaden my horizons, I've been reading James Marchington's blog quite a bit recently.   He is the editor of Sporting Shooter magazine, a popular hunting, target and shooting publication in the UK.  He's also a damn fine photographer.  I find his blog very interesting as it always contains a wildly different perspective on hunting and shooting sports from that of what we're exposed to on this side of the pond.  Getting a glimpse of his insights on hunting values as well as traditions, taken from a place that could arguably be described as the foundation of our sport, exposes a new point of view that I think we're wise to revisit from time to time. In the fog of a hunting and angling marketing blitzkrieg that relentlessly thunders away on the American sportsman, I found this video on James' blog that reveals a simpler day in time when people hunted not for sport, prestige or trophy, but merely for food.

Now, my idea of rabbit hunting is tied closely to the canyon lands of Western Colorado, a Mach 17 varmint rifle, and a high powered scope.  My goal has always been to stretch the limits of insane shooting distances in an effort to sharpen my shooting skills for the big game seasons.   The way I figure, if I can knock the head off  a rabbit at 100 yards, I should be able to confidently hit an elk at 300-400.

This short film absolutely made me laugh out loud, but at the same time reset my own thoughts on hunting, realizing that there are a number of ways to enjoy the satisfaction that comes from being outdoors and thinking my way through bagging a quarry.  Hell, I just might sell my rifles and buy a few ferrets!  This guy's got his head screwed on right.

Thanks James for opening my eyes.


Greyphase said...

Interesting video Gary. What storys that old man could tell. Thanks for sharing.

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