Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Better than a poke in the eye

chilly start to the opener this year
Nearly two weeks into the pheasant season in Colorado and I can say I'm pretty darn happy.  It may not have been the best plan to go to South Dakota for a week... two days before the Colorado opener.  After a walk through a dozen or so unproductive pivot corners and a couple of hit or miss HUGE sections of CRP, I knew for sure I was back in my beloved beautiful home state.  When the dust settled though, there appeared to be more birds than I've seen in years past, strange that this also correlates to an abundance of bird hunters (better hit a weekday if you don't like crowds).  Me, I like the opener for the entertainment value that comes with a sea of orange, bourbon and beer hitting the fields a runnin', so it doesn't bother me that much.  Although I would like to find me one of those Kevlar bullet proof vests just for this occasion.  Frankly, I just like to see a lot of people enjoying good friendship and the outdoors... and smackin' a few long tails. 

I've talked to a few friends and have learned that Sterling and Burlington have both been perhaps better spots than Yuma county this year, at least compared to my success.  Isolated spots around Yuma county were hit pretty hard by a spring hail storm this year.  You'll know right away if a field was damaged by hail.  Best to move on to greener pastures deeper grass.  Still, the area around Yuma is very productive and again there are a lot of birds to be had if you can out smart the rainbow jackal.

The condescending cursing cackle haunts my dreams, laughing at me from distant corn rows!

The killin' wagon with DIY shelf inspired by Matt Ortiz
Daisy, friend Jim's lab.  Her first season.  She rocks!
Jim walking in on a beautiful Elsie point..... HEN! .... DAMN IT!!!!
Shootist and field compatriot Scott and Elsie enjoying the spoils.  Death to all Pheasants!

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Love Daisy. Cute dog. Nice coat.

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