Sunday, January 9, 2011

Eastern Colorado Pheasant Rodeo

Abby's on the mend, chasing tails and taking names!
I had a chance to get together with some friends yesterday to do a little late season pheasant hunting.  I've not had a chance to hunt this section of Colorado much before.  With a considerably large amount of dry crop land, the scope and size of the CRP and other hunting areas we had access to was a welcome change of pace from the irrigated crop circle country I typically hunt.  This gave the hounds a chance to really stretch their legs.

The dog work throughout the day was impressive.  We had all manner of dogs on the ground at one time or another, Springers, GSP, French Brittany, and Lab.  Gaining an opportunity to see each breed exercise their individual birthright was heartwarming and really a lot of fun.  Finding pheasants was initially challenging, but we were rewarded with plenty of birds when we finally figured out where they were hiding.

I didn't spend a lot of time with the camera in hand this time out but did manage to capture a few images from the day.  It was simply too much fun watching the dogs and witnessing some pretty amazing gunwork.  The time spent with hunting friends enjoying a late season comedy was awesome.

Bucket full of feathers!

Elsie doing her best to earn a shared lunch

Lunchtime breather

Cold front pouring in from the mountains at the end of a perfect day


Greyphase said...

Incredible pic of a sunset, but what's with the guys in shirt sleeves??? It's colder than a witches %@# here in the Alleghenys :).


Gary Thompson said...

If you're not happy with the weather in Colorado, just give it a few minutes. This morning we woke to snow and eventually got 8". Plus the temps never cleared 23 degrees. Got a new project gun a couple of weeks ago, a 30" barrel 16ga LC Smith. It will give me something to work on after the birds season ends :( I'm thinking of naming this one. You'll have to give me some ideas!

Greyphase said...

Will be looking forward to seeing the long legged Elsie when she's finished. If you want me to name her you'll have to send her east so I can hold her for a season or two and get to know her :).


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