Thursday, February 17, 2011

Political Brilliance.... Really!

The will of the people will not be denied!  Colorado HB 1150 will be terminated immediately by representatives Becker and Sonnenberg (sponsors of the bill).  Thank you fellow sportsmen and women for voicing your concerns and drawing attention to this matter through your state representatives and senators.  On the heels of an avalanche of public inquiry, the CDOW, with contributions from the Citizen's Wildlife Advisory Council (CWAC) and other outdoor public interests, brought this proposal to a grinding halt.

Over the past two weeks, DNR and CWAC have used public outcry as a foundation to pen a new agreement with the state legislature.  The new agreement will enable the CDOW to financially support "water type projects" with funds currently available outside the game cash fund that DOES NOT put at risk any federal funding.

Benefits from the agreement are:
  1. Sportsmen's dollars will not be diverted from the game cash fund and our federal dollars will be saved.
  2. CDOW will have a say in what projects they will financially support, and those projects will be limited only to those that directly benefit wildlife and fisheries habitat.
  3. CDOW will be involved at the development stage of proposals for water storage projects that seek their financial funding.
  4. Significantly LESS money will be coming from Sportsmen (CDOW).  It's now $6mm over five years, rather than $5mm per year.
  5. Sportsmen, and the general public, are assured an open voice and input on CDOW's five year strategic planning for water storage projects it will financially support.
  6. The State has a higher focus and planning objective for water development. 
I'd like to credit Chris Roe, CWAC, for his work in achieving the new agreement.

For more information concerning the agreement, read the press release.


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