Saturday, March 5, 2011

Where I belong

Passion.  It's a white hot fire when present or a bitter tasting course bitch when absent, or charged against you.  I have not truly enjoyed a day with a rod in my hand in a very long time.

A moment of personal calm ignites, suppressed by the turbulence in my life.  The river invited me yesterday, and I responded with vaguely familiar enthusiasm blunted by the passage of time.

Mild temperatures, clear water, slow current, a little cloud cover, and a few blue wing olives hatching signal a change in season.

The river was generous, yet at the same time required effort and concentration.  Picking my way through boulders, moving from one hole to the next, I settle over a finicky hen for a stretch who tests the limits of my midge box.  Finally, a subtle take and a gentle lift.  She came with willing agreement to the net.

A while later, waiting on the sun to clear a canyon wall, I stumble across a foam slick swirling in a back eddy.  Waiting for the lights to come on, I notice a few noses poking through the surface film.  I rig an emerger and fool an angry snit on a greased line with a wet fly fished just below the film.  The first surface take of the year.  Things are looking up.  It's good to be fishing again.

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danontherock said...

Nice pictures and post. I can't wait to get out here. Sea run browns are first up.

Ivan said...

well said gary. great post and pictures. the new season is upon us, it has been too long.

Andy W. said...

It's always good to be fishing, my friend.

Bigerrfish said...

Great read Gary,, I can smell passion...

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