Tuesday, April 19, 2011

All You Need is a Sense of TU Adventure...

... And now for something completely different. I've been anxious to wipe the limited options of winter fishing off the agenda and try some more unique spots for our monthly fishing adventures. Finally, spring has sprung and many of the river systems are in terrific shape. We need to get out there in a hurry before the big melt rolls down the hill. I'm craving a bit of adventure this month so will be trying something new. In fact, it's a piece of water I've never fished before. I had hoped to do a little scouting earlier this week, but the weather and some other commitments have prevented my giving it the once over. So, I'm going in blind... just the way I like it!

We'll be heading into a stretch of the South Platte that's a little tricky to access, but once we get in there, we should enjoy up to twelve miles of reasonably untouched water! The section requires a hike around Sportsmen's Paradise opposite Lake George on Hwy 24. Most folks planning a trip to this area are likely to hit South Park or Eleven Mile Canyon which is why this piece of water receives so little attention. The hike in is described as being a little more difficult than that of the Gill Trail into Cheeseman Canyon but not quite as long. I suggest a light backpack to transport your gear and changing at the river vs wearing your equipment for the hike.

The river itself won't be too undifferent from that of Cheeseman Canyon or other stretches of the South Platte around Deckers or even the North Fork. I understand it's a mixed bag of freestone type rocks, some deep runs and a good assortment of riffle water. It's been suggested that a wading staff is a good idea.

This hike is probably not for the faint of heart or those unwilling to get a little off the beaten path. You'll want to plan to bring a good amount of water, unless you want to filter it from the river. I also suggest packing in plenty of food. You'll also want to bring some light weight rain gear as well as an insulation layer or two. I've seen the trailhead before. It heads up at a pretty good clip right out of the gates so trail shoes or like hikers will likely be a good call - NOT FELT.

Should be a fun filled adventure. We'll depart the Board of Realtors parking lot at 7:30 this Saturday morning. The ride down is about 2 hours. With the hike in and out, this will be an all day adventure.


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