Saturday, April 9, 2011

Trip Preparation

I was reading a post recently on Skate the Fly that offered a few suggestions on getting ready for the upcoming fishing season.  Any fly fishing equipment list of eight non-negotiables that starts with floor jacks and 10 ply tires and moves on to first aide kits gets my vote for hard core - and practical necessity for the back country angler.  I like it! The author is someone I hope to meet on the river someday.

Brand loyalty is the holy grail for marketing slugs, a relentless pursuit to invite the unknowing or weak-minded to participate in a suggestive image - "If you buy this, you can be here or catch this fish too."  It's all BS.

As I prepare for this weekend's adventure, I am compelled to share the sense of excitement and focus I have enjoyed by simply getting ready.  The time spent tuning my lines, building leaders, checking knots, tying flies, changing lines around, outfitting the Watermaster, and checking the fishing conditions daily has been an excellent experience.  If I don't move a fish all weekend, it will have been worth every moment.  Although, I suspect I will!


Rod said...

You need that many rods and reels? Stay away from the rapids;) Good luck and have fun!

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