Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Manufactured Fly Line Loops

Loops were invented for shop rats and big box idiots that lack the aptitude to tie knots - period.  While they serve their purpose for systems where you need to adjust depth at will, swimming flies for Steelhead for example, as a dry fly rig, they suck.   Spend some time learning how to tie a needle nail knot.  You won't be disappointed.  If you fish a short rod, where your leader will always find it's way into your guides, you simply can't live without a smooth transition between leader and fly line.  If you fish short bamboo, you're nuts not to use one.  Here are the steps:

Gather tools, deep breath, clip loop
feed small diameter needle through fly line (2")
Taper your leader to feed into fly line
Tapered leader ready to be pulled through fly line
Needle nail tied back over needle exit hole
finished knot
Ready for Creede, CO
The drakes are on
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fiddleandcreel said...

Hey thats a nice pile of flies you got there. What kind of hook is that bent bodied cripple/emerger thing tied on? Looks like a useful pattern.

Gary Thompson said...

Thanks very much. I used a TMC 2457. Need to bulk up the head materials to keep the heavier nymph wire floating. Next to a size 8 or 10 parachute Adams, it's one of my go to flies when green drakes are flying around.

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