There are a few indelible moments that have shaped my life as well as fueled my extracurricular pursuits:  my first solo adventure into the outdoors to hunt squirrels with .22 in hand in the late summer of 1979, the Remington Model 870 I got for Christmas when I was 13 and the first quail I took with it that very same morning, Saturday night bullfrog hunts with my friends as a teenager, spending virtually every spring break at Bennett Springs State Park fishing for trout on ultralight tackle, the day I bought my very own Winston LT 8.6" #5 fly rod with my own money,  a weekend spent fishing with my father and two brothers at Windrush Trout Farm in Southeastern Missouri, and teaching my sister how to fish with a fly rod and then seeing her land her first trout caught on the fly.

As I matured, meeting and falling in love with my wife, being there for the birth of all three of my children, enjoying a brief but very satisfying opportunity to really love what I do for a living, witnessing my son harvest his first elk, feeling the tug of a Steelhead, the complete exhaustion that comes from fighting and landing a King Salmon on Spey tackle, holding my first side-by-side shotgun, the very first day I moved to Colorado, and nearly everyday I've spent here since.

I fish.  I hunt.  And I apologize for neither.  I live my life to the fullest, careful to keep a keen eye on the moment, living with a sense of urgency that comes from a growing awareness that our time spent on this earth is brief as well as borrowed.  I appreciate true friendship, the kind that lasts, and the memories I've acquired from a lifetime of walking through grass, forests, sage, and water.

Within these pages, you'll find stories, observations, very few opinions, some skill, but more often than not a catalog of my adventures in pursuit of all things feather, fur and fin.

Silk Lines & Paper Hulls was born out of a passion for nostalgia, an appreciation for fine craftsmanship and a deep seeded admiration for the skill I have observed from some extraordinarily talented people that I've come to know while bumbling through the wilderness.